Hotel Vittoria a Palermo in Sicilia
hotel vittoria a palermo in sicilia
Around Palermo

Coming out of the Hotel and along the same Via Maqueda you can admire the city in all its splendor and architectural history, in fact, already at 200 meters you can admire the building where the headquarters of the Province is and after another 300 meters you'll reaach the famous Piazza Pretoria where you can admire a beautiful fountain with marble statues depicting men and women in nude scenes (hence the name of the” square of shame”) and a little farther on we have the splendid “four quarters”, from here you can decide whether to go along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele to visit the great Cathedral of Palermo and the Palatine Chapel, or go further in Via Maqueda toarrive in Piazza Verdi where you can admire the magnificent Teatro Massimo.

A few steps from the Teatro Massimo is the known square Politeama with its theater, home to many works throughout the year. Returning to the hotel you can walk the Via Ruggero Settimo and then the Via Roma, where you can go shopping!

Starting again from the 'hotel you will also enjoy the city's botanical garden, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and it is just 500m away from the hotel, or visit the famous market of "Ballarò" (located just behind the hotels ) where you can still see many stalls selling fruit and vegetables, the sale of fish and hear the typical haggling sellers.

But there's more! remember that we are just a few meters from the main bus terminal and then we will be happy to point out the easiest and most economical way to reach many other sites of interest such as the town of Monreale with its magnificent cathedral, or how to get to the beach of Mondello to swim or sunbathe on a beautiful beach.

For those who want it, it will be possible to organize wine tastings at the restaurants affiliated with us in Palermo's cuisine based on fish or meat and taste, the now glorified all over the world, Sicilian wines.

At this point you just have to visit us!

Hotel Vittoria Palermo

around Palermo

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